The Power of FOCUS – 15 MIN per day Fast, Easy, Effective!

Are you looking for a simple process to harness LAW OF ATTRACTION and create REAL RESULTS in your life FASTER AND EASIER than you ever imagined?
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Well, relax … you just found it!



What a difference it will make in your life when …

◊ You learn the power of FOCUS in under 1 hour
◊ You spend only 15 minutes daily to VISUALIZE
◊ You IMMEDIATELY begin applying this powerful skill

And then …

◊ You begin achieving RESULTS like these!

Hi, I’m Renée Brown, and I am excited to reveal a process I’ve used personally for years.  As I have shared this process with many people in the past few years, they have enjoyed amazing results from it.

Visualize 1-2-3 is a simple process that teaches you how to apply a powerful combination of scientific and spiritual concepts to your most important daily action steps – with very real results.

These are some of the results people have experienced, using the exact process in the system you are reading about.  I shared this very process with them as I was developing it – through emails, over the phone, or in Master Mind groups:

  • doubling your income (in one case, tripling it)
  • launching a sales career on straight commission in a new market (knowing nobody) and building so many accounts, you are able to pick & choose the ones you like best, then refer the other ones to sales reps who were struggling to meet their quota
  • achieving financial benefits quickly and easily beyond money – financial gains in many unexpected ways, such as items you desired being given to you or unexpected revenue showing up – unexpected inheritance or other surprise payments
  • finding the love of your life quickly and more easily than you could imagine (in one case, they are now happily married and living a dream life together)
  • finding a new job quickly and easily that provides  financial support after moving to a new city  while you formulate a new and exciting entrepreneurial plan
  • starting over from a devastating divorce, and creating the ideal career – a career unknown to you at first, but perfectly suited for your skills and desires
  • clarifying your deepest passion, then developing the courage and action plan to terminate unpleasant jobs or relationships to go for it!
  • vastly improved relationship with a child that had been strained for years (another parent moved cross-country to re-connect with children)
  • improving from being financially broke to starting over and landing a good job, buying a new car, and finding the perfect new home
  • completing a book, publishing it, becoming a bestselling author, and launching a new speaking career
  • resolving conflict between divorced parents so they could communicate harmoniously for their children’s benefit
  • attracting new dating relationships easily and enjoying them with true confidence
  • miracle healing of a herniated cervical disk (neurosurgeon told her she was healed & there was no medical explanation)
  • earning extra cash to build a swimming pool in the backyard in a few short months

After seeing these results, I’m sure you know why I feel so passionate about sharing this process with you – because if other people are receiving tremendous benefits, so can you! Obviously, I can’t promise you the exact results they experienced.  But I am confident you will be thrilled by the results that happen for YOU – just as they were.  These are the very people who have been encouraging me to share this process with the world, and so – here it is.

◊ Are you curious to know how I developed this system?

Click over to the ABOUT TAB at the top of this page
You can learn more about me and how I developed

VISUALIZE 1-2-3 System

◊ Are YOU the ideal person to BENEFIT from this system?

YOU are the perfect match, and you can expect to achieve great results using VISUALIZE 1-2-3, if any of these statements describes you …

  • You are someone who wants to improve your life and you are open to new, more evolved ways of doing so
  • You are someone who feels a deep inner conviction that life is meant to be a joyful experience (rather than an unending journey of continuous struggle to achieve your desires)
  • You are someone who wants to learn how to experience more joy in life as you focus on important goals and achieve them
  • You are someone who is intrigued by the idea of learning a powerful blend of science and spirituality that engages both your intellect and your emotions
  • You are someone who already understands Law of Attraction but you want to implement it more fully in your everyday life and see REAL RESULTS using the power of vibrational energy

◊ Would you like to hear from people using my system?

Click over to the TESTIMONIAL TAB at the top of this page
You can listen and watch as clients tell you how using my system
Empowered them to achieve their desires
FASTER and EASIER then they imagined!

“Whatever you are giving your attention to already has a vibration of its own, and as you give your attention to it, you include its vibration in your vibration…and then your point of attraction is affected.”
Abraham (from the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks)

Now, YOU can learn to QUICKLY and EASILY harness the POWER OF FOCUS using LAW OF ATTRACTION in only      15 minutes per day so that YOU will begin achieving REAL RESULTS faster and easier than you ever imagined STARTING RIGHT NOW! HERE ARE ALL THE DETAILS …

◊ THREE LEVELS for you to choose from!

Visualize 123 Image

Intro Level: Visualize 1-2-3 Audio Course

You will receive instant access to the Audio Course, the complete eBook and manual, your Daily Action Guide, and my 3-Part digital Video Training teaching you a clear & powerful method so YOU can learn this simple system in just 1 or 2 HOURS. I have designed this for you to quickly implement my powerful system of daily visualizing in a 15-minute process, so you can begin using your new skills and enjoying results – immediately. PLUS A SPECIAL BONUS: Four innovative worksheets to help you Feel Better Fast!

  • EVERYDAY MAGIC & MIRACLES: Harnessing the Power of Visualizing with the Joy of Inspired Action. In this Audio Course, I develop the foundation for you to understand the important – but often misunderstood – pivotal concept of Law of Attraction and the Power of Focus.  I provide you with many examples of real results people have achieved using this simple system.  And, I reveal my own real life challenges that led me to develop this process and begin sharing it with friends and colleagues, until they finally convinced me to share it with more people – like YOU.  Each chapter offers you easy to use tools that you can apply in your everyday life to begin achieving results that will feel like magic and miracles have become an everyday occurrence for you. You will receive the 2-CD digital audio course, which includes music by LavenderSoul. PLUS you will receive my eBook as your manual to accompany the Audio Course. You can read the eBook digitally, or you can print it if your prefer a paper format.
  • YOUR DAILY COMPASS:  Pure Focus + Inspired Action => Real Results. This  Daily Action Guide is the master key to unlocking the mystery of how to apply Law of Attraction and the Power of Focus every single day, while you are actively involved in achieving your most fervent desires in your personal life as well as your most significant goals in your career or business.  You will be delighted at the simplicity of this technique which only requires 15 minutes each morning … but don’t let the simplicity fool you! This is how you can harness the power of your mind in ways that combine science and spirituality to leverage energy in amazing ways!  If you are someone who struggles to visualize, this will streamline your ability to focus with confidence and clarity.  Have you been confused about how to combine spiritual concepts like Law of Attraction with the need for real-life goal setting and action steps?  This is the key that will unlock that mystery for you.
  • LET’S BEGIN:  Learning to Set Your Compass on Joy for Everyday Magic and Miracles. (3-part video training, 30 minutes total time) In this video training, I walk you through each component of VISUALIZE 1-2-3 to be sure you fully understand the key elements of each step in the system.  I help you complete your first daily action sheet, and offer ideas that you can use immediately if you are unsure how to begin.  For those who purchase a customized Create Your Life Video, the instructions for how to maximize the effectiveness of your personally designed video are explained as well.  BONUS: I carefully walk you through the four bonus worksheets to be sure you know how to use this valuable tool to Feel Better Fast under virtually any stressful or painful situation that might arise for you.  This training is designed to answer all your questions and quickly empower you as we walk through this simple and powerful system together.  After the video, you will be eager and fully capable to begin visualizing for amazing results – now!
  • FREE BONUS! FEEL BETTER FAST:  How to Raise Your Vibration Using the Power of 17 Seconds. This worksheet is a valuable tool that you will want to use often.  You can literally improve your vibrational and emotional state FAST – in most cases, less than 10 minutes.  It will become a favorite tool for you to overcome any situation that gets you off track from maintaining your powerful focus on the desires and goals you are dedicated to achieving, using VISUALIZE 1-2-3.
  • MORE FREE BONUSES! MORE MONEY, BETTER BODY, and LOVING LIFE. You will also receive three additional worksheets that focus on the most common areas in life that we all seek achievement and fulfillment from – (1) money and career, (2) weight loss, health and fitness, and (3) loving relationships with family, friends, and your special romantic partner.  (It will also show you the ideal way to attract a new love partner, or manage the disappointment and hurt when a love relationship ends.)  In each worksheet, I help you apply the same technique you learned in FEEL BETTER FAST uniquely for these important areas of life, plus you will learn three special processes on each worksheet to turbo charge your results in that specific area of your life.  These are simple to use techniques that I have developed to be especially effective for each of these significant areas, which are absolutely vital to every person’s happiness in life.  You will be able to grasp these concepts quickly and easily for increased joy in your life.

♦ INTRO LEVEL: VISUALIZE 1-2-3 AUDIO COURSE with Two Hours of Audio Training

featuring LavenderSoul Music

* 3-Part Video Training
* eBook: Everyday Magic & Miracles
* Your Daily Compass for 365 Days of Focused Action Steps
* and 4 Feel Better Fast Worksheets


YOUR FREE TICKET to my NEW Tele-Seminar:

METAMORPHOSIS – The Courage to Complete Change from the Inside-Out


ONLY $97

Create Your Life Video image

Deluxe Level: Create Your Life Video


Visualize 1-2-3 System


A beautiful custom video designed uniquely for YOU


One 30-minute private coaching session

You will receive EVERYTHING DESCRIBED ABOVE in the VISUALIZE 123 system – PLUS you will receive a 30-minute private coaching session with me to support you as you clarify your goals – after which my team will design a custom video especially for you based on your specific goals and desires to exponentially increase your ability to focus and achieve results faster and easier. You will be thrilled at how this combination of coaching with the custom video – added to your self-study Visualize 123 Audio-Video Course – powerfully hones your skills to Create Your Life!

  • CREATE YOUR LIFE VIDEO. This customized video is carefully produced to exponentially enhance your VISUALIZE 123 system.
    * Have you used a Vision Board to help you focus on desires? The addition of just the right music and personalized graphics takes it to a much higher level!
    * Are you someone who can never find the time to cut out all those pictures to create your Vision Board? Relax!  Let us do it all for you and you will have your customized video in approximately 10 days after completing a short questionnaire designed to help you clarify your most fervent personal desires and your most pressing career or business goals.  You can focus on just one area, such as finances and career.  Or, you can focus on more areas, such as relationships or health and fitness.  You are free to be as specific as you like, in fact, we encourage you to do that!
    * Do you enjoy the Mind Movies that are so popular, but wish someone would MAKE THE VIDEO FOR YOU – and without those extra payments like the ones requiring that you purchase a monthly program – just to get your very own visualizing movie? Here it is! We will do all the work for you, and present you with a beautiful movie to serve as a powerful visualizing tool to harness the power of focus as you CREATE YOUR LIFE. All you will be asked to do is email your answers to our simple questionnaire so we can target YOUR most important goals. Music, graphics, and affirmative statements will be carefully chosen by my team to support you in visualizing your specific desires and goals. YOUR VIDEO WILL BE PROVIDED IN TWO FORMATS – digital for instant delivery PLUS we will ship you a DVD.
    * This video is produced so that it incorporates the Power of 17 Seconds for you, and you are given instructions in the training video so you will know precisely how to easily add this video as part of Your Daily Compass process each morning.  When you add this powerful focusing tool as part of your daily VISUALIZING routine, you will be amazed at how quickly you are able to remain focused on your goals and how the results begin to unfold for you almost effortlessly.  It makes Vision Boards so much simpler and fun to use.  You will be surprised how quickly you see the positive effects.
  • WATCH THREE SAMPLE VIDEOS:  Go to the TAB marked SAMPLE VIDEOS to watch three sample videos.  Each of these are real-life videos custom designed for clients (and one for me personally).  Each video is 3 to 5 minutes, using specially selected graphics and uplifting, empowering music that was carefully chosen for that client.  Each client tells me using their video as part of their daily visualizing process had powerful, positive impact for them.  They saw immediate and rapid progress achieving their desires when they added the Create Your Life Video as part of their daily visualizing process.  In fact, their results are available for you to see under the tab marked TESTIMONIALS.

  • ANOTHER FREE BONUS – a very special gift for you! You will be invited to join me for THREE group sessions of VIBRATIONAL MASTER MIND.
E = mc²
  • VIBRATIONAL MASTER MIND is a teleseminar series where I answer YOUR specific questions to help you achieve maximum results using VISUALIZE 1-2-3.  The three sessions take place over 30 days, approximately 10 days apart, each one lasting 30 minutes.  If you cannot be on the call live, you can still participate fully.  You will be invited to submit questions by email, and a recording of each teleseminar will be provided for you.  In addition to specific questions, I guide you and the other participants through a live group Master Mind session.  Based on the Master Mind teachings from Chapter X in Think & Grow Rich (the classic Master Mind teachings by Napoleon Hill) together we will create the powerful synergy to support each caller in achieving their desires and goals exponentially faster and easier.  A portion of each call is dedicated to teaching you special tools that are simple and effective for dealing with the THREE STUMBLING BLOCKS people most often encounter when they begin learning how to implement Law of Attraction and the Power of Focus.
    1. CALL NUMBER ONE: How to embrace Contrast as the flow of life, so you stop focusing on situations you don’t want to continue experiencing.
    2. CALL NUMBER TWO: How to develop unshakable certainty in the Universe as the Creative Power supporting you to achieve your goals.
    3. CALL NUMBER THREE: How to align with Creative Flow so you can step boldly into your new desires as the absolute new reality in your life.



    Shopping Cart for VIZ 123

    Includes complete Visualize 1-2-3 Audio Course

    PLUS 4 Feel Better Fast Worksheets

    AND Your Unique Custom Designed

    Create Your Life Video

    PLUS Vibrational Master Mind (3 sessions)

    Laser Focus Mastery image

    Elite Level: Laser Focus Mastery Coaching


    Visualize 1-2-3 Audio Course
    A personally customized CREATE YOUR LIFE video

    Vibrational Master Mind series


    You will receive EVERYTHING DESCRIBED ABOVE in the VISUALIZE 123 Audio Course +PLUS+ your very own CREATE YOUR LIFE VIDEO and the VIBRATIONAL MASTER MIND group coaching series +PLUS+ THREE 1-HOUR PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS where you and I are on the phone together one-on-one.  You will receive my undivided attention, dedicated to helping you step boldly into creating your new life using these powerful visualizing tools.

    • LASER FOCUS MASTERY is your private time with me by phone to fully develop the skill of laser-like focus so you can quickly and proficiently master the visualizing process to achieve results as quickly as possible, and as easily as possible.  The coaching is divided into three sessions which take place over 30 days, each session approximately a week to 10 days apart.
    • SESSION ONE: Getting Started – How to ALIGN. You will receive a 45-minute personal coaching session with me to help you turbo launch your ability to implement the daily visualizing process, to ensure you understand the Power of Focus and how to engage it to achieve results every single day.
    • SESSION TWO: Getting Un-Stuck – How to FOCUS. You will receive a 45 minute personal coaching session by me during which we focus extensively on one area of your life (your choice) where you desire extra attention to achieve faster results.  I will coach you with special techniques designed to shift you from previous limiting beliefs into new empowering beliefs using simple, effective processes you can easily implement every day on your own.
    • SESSION THREE: Going Solo – How to ACHIEVE. You will receive a 45 minute personal coaching session with me designed to congeal our previous sessions.  This final session will support you in feeling confident that you now have the skills to immediately begin soaring to new heights from a freshly sculpted foundation of core inner strength.
    • WANT A SNEAK PEEK at my coaching style? If you read my story under the ABOUT tab, you know that I was raised in UNITY since infancy and trained to serve as a CHAPLAIN.  This is a powerful program based on the principles of their world renowned prayer service, SILENT UNITY.  I grew up using this amazing resource as a normal part of my life, and I was mentored in these principles by my childhood Unity minister.  I have never ceased to work from this foundation, and this is how I approach my work with YOU as your VISUALIZING COACH:

      You are created perfect and whole, and it is my honored task to hold that sacred image of you while I support you to learn and implement the skills to carve away the obstacles which are preventing you from connecting to your inner power.  We will embrace the sculpting brilliance so marvelously demonstrated by Michelangelo.  We will see the end result you desire with laser like clarity, and together remove the residue which blocks your powerful CORE ESSENCE from being your CURRENT REALITY. You will learn to mold the energy of your life!” ~Renée

      Still not sure? I have a simple solution! Contact me today for a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION .. just send me an email with your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you. Be sure you tell me one or two sentences about what you are seeking help with. Then, we will get on the phone for 20 minutes or so to determine if we are a good fit … I want you to be sure that Laser Focus Master Private Coaching will be the ideal path for you to get the results you need. Here’s my personal email:

      Surprise Present Gift Wrapped
      You will receive a surprise BONUS GIFT from me after our final session, a gift I will select especially for you based on our work together.  I will choose one more tool just for you, something that will powerfully serve YOU as you move forward after our private coaching – something that perfectly supports you to FLY SOLO and SOAR!  The gift I select for you will add that delicious feeling of “icing on the cake” for your coaching experience.



    Shopping Cart for VIZ 123

    Includes complete Visualize 1-2-3 Audio Course

    PLUS 4 Feel Better Fast Worksheet Bonuses

    AND Your Unique Custom Designed

    Create Your Life Video

    PLUS Vibrational Master Mind (series of 3)

    PLUS Special Bonus Gift selected just for YOU

    WITH YOUR Laser Focus Mastery Private Coaching


    I can help you with that decision …

    Intro Level: VISUALIZE 1-2-3

    Let me explain how VISUALIZE 1-2-3 is going to help YOU:
    1) You will have increased clarity about your desires and goals
    2) You will achieve your desires and goals faster and easier
    3) You will experience increased confidence as your life improves
    WANT TO SEE A TESTIMONY for VISUALIZE 1-2-3?  Go to the TAB marked “testimonies” and watch a one minute video clip by LORI.

    Deluxe Level: CREATE YOUR LIFE

    Visualize 1-2-3 with your unique

    Custom designed Create Your Life Video

    Let me explain how a custom CREATE YOUR LIFE VIDEO is going to help YOU:
    1) You will save HOURS of time it would take to design your own Vision Board
    2) You will be able to easily hold your focus for the required 17 seconds
    3) You will achieve results much faster using this multi-sensory tool
    WANT TO SEE A TESTIMONY for CREATE YOUR LIFE VIDEOS?  Go to the tab marked “testimonies” and read the endorsement from Paula.


    Visualize 1-2-3 PLUS customized Video

    and one-on-one Coaching – 3 sessions

    Let me explain how private one-on-one LASER FOCUS MASTERY coaching is going to help YOU:
    1) You will propel yourself in learning how to visualize easily and quickly
    2) You will see exponential results using specialized tools of focus
    3) You will resolve limiting patterns that have inhibited your success
    WANT TO SEE A TESTIMONY for LASER FOCUS MASTERY COACHING?  Go to the tab marked “testimonies” and read the recommendation by Cheryl.

    ◊ Still undecided?
    Why not get started TODAY with

    Intro Level:
    Visualize 1-2-3?

    It’s a minimal investment, and you even divide the price into two payments (above) if that works better for you. Let me assure you, you really can’t lose.  Here’s why …

    Happy Face Customer image

    I want you to be a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!

    There are TWO WAYS your INVESTMENT will play out … and either way will be positive for you!

    • You purchase Visualize 1-2-3 Audio Course(or add one of my other products) and put this simple, but powerful system to work for you immediately!
    • You begin seeing amazing progress achieving your goals.  Desires that seemed a distant dream are now beginning to manifest for you.
    • You know how to focus powerfully and visualize with laser like clarity.
    • Your life is improving in many different areas and you are feeling more empowered, and happier!

    • You purchase the Intro Level Visualize 1-2-3 Audio Course.  Something happens and you don’t use the Visualize 1-2-3 System.  You get distracted, or it’s just not your thing.
    • Either way, you can take advantage of my 10 DAY SNEAK PEEK.
    • Just send me a note (a brief email to the same email address that delivered the product when you ordered) and I will provide you a full refund … no hassles, and no hard feelings.
    • That’s right … a full refund of the Intro Level: Visualize 1-2-3 Audio Course within 10 days of purchase.

    • Why am I offering you a full refund?
    • Because I want you to feel confident in trying this amazing system that has worked so well for many other people.  I believe it will provide you with the same great results.
    • Another reason is this – I sincerely want only clients who are enjoying the benefits of my Visualize 1-2-3 system, and truly putting it to use daily to improve their lives.
    • I can’t wait to hear more great results my clients are experiencing, because I know the potential this system offers you. You can be one of those success stories, too!  Click below right now to BUY Visualize 1-2-3 Audio Course TODAY

      Shopping Cart for VIZ 123

    • IMPORTANT – there’s one last thing I ask you to consider
    • There are a limited number of CUSTOM VIDEOS that my team and I can produce in a week or a month.
    • There are a limited number of COACHING CLIENTS I can schedule in a week or a month.
    • So … if you are someone who wants to begin with all the tools available – you want to add a custom video OR one-on-one coaching series – those will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. What that means is … the first people who purchase a custom video or one-on-one coaching series will be scheduled in the order those purchases are made.
    • You will receive your custom video and be scheduled for private coaching as quickly as we can.  I assure you of that.
    • Once you place your order … you will be contacted right away and provided instructions to initiate the video design and the private coaching.
    • If you are someone who wants to BEGIN with all the tools combined from the start – which is the most empowering choice — I encourage you to be at the top of the list of orders, so you can receive your video and begin your private coaching right away. Don’t delay!

    It will feel fantastic for you to use all the tools together as you:

    √ Develop the power of focus with your Visualize 1-2-3 System

    √ Achieve goals faster and easier using your Create Your Life Video

    √ Sculpt the life you truly desire with your private Laser Focus Mastery Coaching

    ◊ Let’s get you started today.  Harness the full power of ALL THREE visualizing tools so you can enjoy explosive results in your life, beginning NOW!


    Shopping Cart for VIZ 123

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge … Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attraction.”


    P.S.  One final thought I’d like to share with you …

    In developing Visualize 1-2-3 and the additional video and coaching tools, I took to heart real life issues facing people I know personally and in business. I thoughtfully considered how I might serve them to better resolve those issues … quickly, easily, and powerfully.

    People just like you with wonderful spiritual tools, but for some reason feeling hindered in applying those tools in the “real world” as they strive to achieve their hearts desires. And people, like you, who most certainly have an impressive arsenal of traditional goal setting skills – but who seek a fresh, leading edge approach to accomplish important goals – a method that embraces the vibrational essence of life.

    It is my intention to provide you with a system that feels remarkable to you! Simple to learn, easy to use, with results that delight you! I believe you will have exactly that experience when you begin using each of my products: Visualize 1-2-3, your custom video, and my coaching series.

    I believe visualizing is a brilliant approach to life, and once you begin, you will never want to live life any other way.

    We are meant to live N JOY!  Are you ready? I’m here to help.


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