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Are you curious to know how I developed this system?

Hello again – Renée Brown here.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to explore the exciting technique of VISUALIZING.

If you are searching for solutions to life challenges we all face from time to time –

  • Needing more money or desiring a job that is fulfilling
  • Relationship disappointments or heartbreak
  • Wanting to lose weight or improve your health and vitality

Then I urge you to keep reading with an open mind.   You have just discovered a solution that will astound you!  Why? Because it only takes 15 minutes each day for you to begin achieving goals faster and easier than you’ve ever imagined possible.

Here’s my story …

For years, I’ve been teaching individuals and small groups of people a system to visualize results in a way that balances spiritual beliefs with action steps in the “real world.”  This system is based on principles that combine science, spirituality, and psychology.  Now, I’m not a scientist, or a minister.  Nor am I a psychologist.  I am a student of metaphysics and real-life spiritual success stories.  In fact, I have been exploring and researching ways to apply the powerful blend of science and spirituality, such as Law of Attraction, to everyday life for most of my life.  It’s my deepest passion!

♦  Raised in UNITY since I was a baby

I feel very fortunate because I was steeped in metaphysical theories since I was a baby.  At the young age of 18 months, my mother introduced me to what was then a pioneering movement called UNITY, and a true Pioneer Woman who was our local Unity minister in the small city where I grew up.  She embraced me as her protégé even as a small child, and I traveled with her as she developed Unity study groups across my home state.  Little did I know then, she was preparing me to become a metaphysical teacher or minister later in life.

♦  I’ve used Vision Boards all my life!

I was taught to use Vision Boards to create and manifest anything and everything I wanted for my life from the time I was a pre-teen, by my favorite Aunt.  At that time, they were known as Treasure Maps which was the divine brilliance taught by a wonderful Unity minister, Catherine Ponder, who is recognized internationally for her special healing gifts in the areas of  health and prosperity. I have evolved from poster boards, to creating vision boards on my computer – just love the ease and simplicity of that!  And now, I create my own visualizing video which I call Create Your Life Video. I have found these “multi-sensory vision boards” to be amazingly effective.  You can learn more about them and see them demonstrated under the tab marked “sample videos” – and you can have a custom designed video of your own, if you like.

♦  How I began teaching VISUALIZING and LAW OF ATTRACTION

I have worked as a Chaplain for my local Unity church, served as Youth Director, and conducted training sessions for new chaplains and congregants.  I have served as a mentor to children in the public school system, and facilitated Master Mind groups of business owners seeking to blend spirituality with real life success, and to help people achieve personal goals.  My special gift is to listen with spiritual awareness about a challenge someone is facing,  while intuitively assessing the situation, and provide an immediate easy-to-apply process that enables you to begin making a powerful vibrational shift for improved results – quickly. In the course of doing this, I developed a system that proved to be valuable and deeply empowering for both men and women, for success with personal matters and in business endeavors.  VISUALIZE 1-2-3!

♦  My true passion is to empower YOU

My true passion is connecting with people – people just like you – who are facing real-life challenges and looking for a way to apply their spiritual wisdom for real-world results.  That’s where I come in.  I love to help people apply lasting spiritual principles for modern day, real results. Not just momentary results either.  The kind of lasting results that will permanently empower you beyond your present level of belief.  Honestly, there is nothing I find more fulfilling than to know I have played a role in deepening a person’s belief in living their very best life.

I believe we all deserve to live the life of our dreams.  Add VISUALIZE 1-2-3 to your repertoire today, and with only 15 minutes each morning, you will begin immediately to point your inner compass in the direction of your most cherished joys in life, consistently, day after day.  It’s much easier than you might expect.

To your JOY and SUCCESS!


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